Brunch Specials for Sunday

Brunch Specials for Sunday

HOT Soups

French Onion, Butternut Squash, Loaded Potato


Breakfast Casserole, home fries, poached eggs, bechamel, hollandaise, cream of spinach, fruit-$12

Apple French Toast, creme brulee french toast, smoked apple cranberry compote, home fries or fruit-$14

Boneless Pork Chop and Eggs, smoked poblano, wild boar and mushroom gravy, sunny side up eggs, grilled sweet potatoes with smoked sugar, cornbread-$20

Fish Sandwich, fried Icelandic cod, fennel slaw, tomato saffron aioli, fried egg, brioche bun, home fries or fruit-$17

Knish, fried potaot cake, braised cone head cabbage, pastrami, poached eggs, green peppercorn cream, rye toast-$21