Dinner Specials for Saturday

Dinner Specials for Saturday


Duck Wings: Deep fried, Harissa barbecue sauce-$14

Diver Scallops: Pan seared, citrus roasted vegetables, habanero pepper coulis-$18

House Cured Salmon: Fennel and dill salad, radish, heirloom tomatoes, rice wine vinaigrette, dill crouton-$15

Roasted Marrow: Canoe cut beef, smoked salt, gremolata, toast points-$15

Plats Du Jour

Mississippi Redfish: Red rice, chorizo, crawfish cream, broccolini-$29

Calamari Fra Diavolo: Blue Clay Farm hot peppers, tomatoes, chorizo, angel hair-$26

Leg of Lamb: Rosemary jus, cous cous, haricot verts-$25

Patate Douce: Sweet potato, roasted mushrooms, black garlic soubise, rice flour pancake, pickled peter peppers.-$22