Dinner Specials for Thursday

Dinner Specials for Thursday


Curry Pork Cheeks: Cous cous medley, date relsih-$

Duck Wings: Carolina Gold BBQ, Grilled Leeks, Carrots.-$16

House Cured Salmon: Fennel and dill salad, radish, heirloom tomatoes, rice wine vinaigrette, dill crouton-$15

Ceviche: Calamari and snapper, lime-tarragon-cilantro and avocado, Shallots,black garlic, Crispy Wontons.-$16

Plats Du Jour

Snapper: Dotted snapper, saffron rice, celery root puree, red pepper and chorizo coulis, grilled asparagus.-$29

Wild Boar Bolognese: Roma tomatoes, onions, fresh herbs, parmesan, fettuccini.-$26

Pork Chop: bone in chop, Grit Cake, Wild Mushrooms, Cherry demi.-$28

Patate Douce: Sweet potato, roasted mushrooms, black garlic soubise, rice flour pancake, pickled peter peppers.-$22