Brunch Specials for Sunday

Brunch Specials for Sunday


French Onion, Carrot, Asparagus and Potato


Breakfast Casserole, home fries, poached egg, bechamel, hollandaise, cream of spinach, fruit-$12

Tuna Bowl, seared rare, rice, bok choy kraut, pickled broccolini, vegetables, wasabi hollandaise, sunny side up duck egg-$18

Pork Belly Hashm, herb roasted, onions, fennel, wild boar gravy, smoked cheddar scrambled eggs, toast-$16

NY Strip Sandwich, garlic croissant, roasted fennel aioli, asparagusl, fried egg, black truffle, home fries or fruit-$17

Grilled Mango Benedict, fried plantain, chili sauce, poached eggs, cilantro hollandaise, home fries-$15