Dinner Specials for Friday

Dinner Specials for Friday


Grand Pearl Oysters: Baked, crispy pork belly, green tomato relish-$15

Pork Belly: Fried brussels, fennel, tomato aspic-$14

House Pate: Dry aged pork belly, rabbit livers, thyme, cognac, olives, fig mostarda-$14

Spare Ribs: Asian barbecue, spicy tomato coulis, brussel sprout kimchi, sesame, green onion, baby potatoes-$18

Plats du Jours:

Spaghetti and Meatballs: Elk and Lamb, classic tomato sauce, angel hair-$26

Florida Tile Fish: Grilled, chili-lime broth, cous cous, roasted vegetables-$26

Pork Normandy: Heritage Farms Cheshire chop, brandied apple and mushroom cream, fingerling potatoes, Manuel’s Blue Clay Farm vegetables-$27