Dinner Specials for Monday

Dinner Specials for Monday


Duck and Melon: Smoked Magret cuk breast, canatloupe, ricotta salata, micro greens, melon vinaigrette-$15

Smoked Buffalo Carpaccio: Szechuan pepper crusted tenderloin, black truffle, figs, capers, toast points-$15

Boar: Wild boar and pork belly meatballs, miso aioli, Japanese basil pesto-$14

Plats Du Jour

Fresh Amberjack: Grilled, chipotle rice, orange leek confit, baby carrots-$28

Pasta Du Jour: Butternut squash, OYsterand Royal Trumpet, leeks, black garlic sousbise sauce, pappardelle pasta, creme fraiche-$26

Bratwhrst Croissant: Pork & Foie Gras sausage, Lillet Aioli, Duck Egg, Black Truffle, Crispy Foie Gras, Mixed greens.-$21

Smoked Duck: Barbecue smoked, purple “grits”, cherry demi, buttermilk biscuit crouton, brussel sprout slaw-$28