Dinner Specials for Wednesday

Dinner Specials for Wednesday


Spanish Octopus: Grilled, with chorizo, saffron grit cake, ramen, brussel slaw.-$14

Duck Wings: Deep fried, jalapeno peach glaze.-$12

Fresh Massachusetts Oysters: Served raw on the half shell, mignonette, lemon.-$15


Wild Caught Redfish: Pan seared, peach salsa, cous cous, grilled vegetables,.-$26

Beef Stroganoff: Certified Angus beef tips, mushrooms, pearl onions, demi cream, fettuccini.-$25

Joyce Farms Duck Breast: Wild mushroom fricassee, farrow, grilled asparagus.-$30

Wild Boar Chops: Rosemary pork jus, fingerling potatoes, roasted brussels sprouts.-$26

Rack of Lamb: Burgundy cherries, farrow, baby carrots.-$32

Dry Aged Ribeye: 14 oz, 35 days aged, sauteed onions, peppercorn sauce. -$45