Dinner Specials for Tuesday

Dinner Specials for Tuesday


Island Fritters: Salmon and crab fritters, orange & fennel slaw.-$14

Stuffed Mushrooms: Three small portobello caps, stuffed with goat cheese, fennel, cream leeks, over a bed of braised greens.-$12

Charred octopus: Herb polenta, saffron creme fraiche.-$14


Swordfish : Grilled, apricot salsa, basmati rice, Manuel’s Blue Clay Farm vegetables..-$28

Pheasant provencal : Airline breast, stuffed with prosciutto and fresh mozzarella, over fettuccine with provencal sauce.-$29

Rack of Lamb: Six bone rack, cauliflour mash, Manuel’s Blue Clay Farm vegetables, mint cream.-$32

Pork Chop: Bone in, fingerling potatoes, spicy maple pork demi glace.-$28