Dinner Specials for Sunday

Dinner Specials for Sunday


Duck Wings: Deep fried, sesame barbecue dipping sauce-$14

Tuna Tartare: Grated ginger, shallots, capers, cilantro, lime, quail egg-$14

Charred Octopus: Sweet potato kimchi, stone ground grit cake, saffron creme fraiche-$16

Lollipop Boar Chops: Wild mushrooms, golden beets, heirloom tomatoes, white balsamic-$19


Pasta Du Jour: Prosciutto and goat cheese stuffed chicken breast, parsnips, pesto cream, penne-$28

Surf and Turf: Wild boar chop with balsamic reduction, blackened sheepshead with mango cucumber salsa, cous cous, Manuel’s Blue Clay Farm vegetables-$32

Fresh Yellowfin Tuna: Wrapped in house smoked pork belly, ponzu sauce, basmati rice, grilled asparagus-$33

Lady Edison Pork: Bone in chop, pork gravy,stuffed bell pepper, smokey tomato chutney, Manuel’s Blue Clay Farm vegetables-$30