Dinner Specials for Monday

Dinner Specials for Monday


Charred Octopus: Microgreen salad, spicy mango puree.-$16

Veal Sweetbreads: LIghtly floured, lemon caper butter.-$13

Pork Belly Confit: Bok choy, Blue Clay Farm chili sauce-$14

Steak tartare: CAB filet in a French style tar tar sauce, cornichons and anchovies.-$14


N. Carolina Sheepshead: Grilled, fennel slaw, basmati rice, Manuel’s Blue Clay Farm vegetables-$29

Lamb Bolognese: Ground lamb, bell peppers, p ine nuts, onion, tomato, pappardelle-$28

Pork Chop- Royal Butcher, dry aged, bone in, braised leeks, pork belly confit, herb polenta,, Manuel’s fresh Blue Clay Farm vegetables.-$35

Blueberry Duck L’Orange: Joyce Farms duck breast flamed in cognac and orange, blueberry port risotto,risotto, fresh Blue Clay Farm vegetables-$36