Brunch Specials for Sunday

Brunch Specials for Sunday


French Onion, Asparagus and Potato, Turkey Vegetable


Breakfast Casserole, home fries, poached eggs, bechamel, hollandaise, cream of spinach, fruit-$12

Sole, rice flour dusted, fried, stone ground grits, Caribbean salsa, lobster cream, buttermilk biscuit-$22

Beef Short Ribs, roasted corn salsa, sweet potatoes, tomato chutney-$16

Corned Beef and Eggs, braised brussel sprouts, home fries, cognac peppercorn sauce, rye toast, two sunny side up eggs-$16

Lamb Meatball, whole wheat hoagie, zesty tomato sauce, parmesan, gremolata, fries and salad-$15