Dinner Specials for Tuesday

Dinner Specials for Tuesday


Fried Duck Wings: Blue Clay Farm arugula, Asian style barbecue sauce-$12

Water Buffalo Carpaccio: Shaved tenderloin, truffle oil, pickled shallot, lemon juice,parmasean, micro greens..-$14

Fresh North Carolina Oysters: Raw on the half shell, crispy pancetta, lime soy sauce, micro greens.-$15

Veal and Fois Gras Mousse: Dry sherry, shallots, wild mushrooms, toast points.-$16

Crab Cakes: Two crab cakes, dijon honey mustard, carrot parsnip slaw, arugula pesto.-$14

Plats Du Jour

Fresh Wahoo: Grilled, sweet corn succotash, cilantro beurre blanc, cous cous-$28

Dry aged Filet: Royal Butcher bone in filet, dijon cream sauce, fingerling potatoes, Manuel’s Blue Clay Farm vegetables.-$45

Buffalo Bourgignon: Australian water buffalo, carrots, pearl onion, garlic mashed potatoes-$30

Gumbo Pasta: Sauteed shrimp, andouille sausage, mushroom, gumbo cream sauce, black pepper fettuccini.-$28