Brunch Specials for Sunday

Brunch Specials for Sunday


French Onion, Butternut Squash, Creamy Tomato


Breakfast Casserole, home fries, poached eggs, behcamel, hollandaise, cream of spinach, fruit-$12

Venison Benedict, venison sausage patty, spicy pine nuts, poached eggs, holllandaise, home fries or fruit-$16

Oysters and Grits, blue cornmeal crusted oysters, fried, parmesan grits, shishito peppers, lobster veloute, herbed corn bread-$16

Blue Clay Farm Breakfast, portobello cap stuffed with a Blue Clay Farm medley, onions, brie, banana peppers, 2 eggs any way, home fries-$14

BBQ Sandwich, house smoked pork shoulder, Brioche bun, radicchio slaw, fries and salad-$16