Dinner Specials for Monday

Dinner Specials for Monday


Tuna Nachos: Fripp Island tuna, crispy pork belly confit, smoked gouda, blue corn chips, white sauce, accroutements, house made kimchi-$17

Duck Magret Salad: Grilled duck breast magret, fresh greens, local peaches, Manuel's Blue Clay Farm bell pepper, tomatoes, pecans, baby carrots, champagne vinaigrette-$18

Seafood Rollatini: Crawfish, feta, cream cheese, and goat cheese stuffed Blue Clay Farm eggplant, fried calamari-$16


Pork Chop: Center cut bone in pork chop, grilled, oyster mushrooms, demi glace, mashed potatoes, Manuel's Blue Clay Farm vegetables-$28

Greek Pasta: Ground lamb, pearl onions, Manuel's Blue Clay Farm cherry tomatoes, olives, feta, peppers, fresh herbs, black pepper fettuccine-$28

Mahi Mahi: Pan seared, cucumber salsa, rice, Manuel's Blue Clay Farm vegetables-$30

Musaka: Blue Clay Farm eggplant, prime beef, asiago, fresh harvest salad, oil and vinegar,baby carrot, bell pepper, cherry tomato-$26