Dinner Specials for Friday

Dinner Specials for Friday


Fripp Island Tuna: Seared rare, micro green salad, house made kimchi, white sauce, wonton chips-$16

Fritto Misto: Calamari, red fish, crawfish, blue cornmeal dusted, arugula, almond pesto dipping sauce.-$14

Pork Belly Confit: Roasted, stem mushrooms, Blue Clay Farm okra, house asian style relish-$16

Blue Clay Farm Peppers: Fresh harvested peppers, stuffed with prime grade beef, potatoes, onions, salsa , grated ricotta-$14


Pork Chop: Center cut bone in pork chop, grilled, oyster mushrooms, demi glace, mashed potatoes, Manuel's Blue Clay Farm vegetables-$28

Chicken Caprese Pasta: Grilled chicken, Manuel's Blue Clay Farm tomatoes, pesto cream, mozzrella, angel hair-$26

Mahi Mahi: Pan seared, cucumber salsa, rice, Manuel's Blue Clay Farm vegetables-$30

Bouillabaisse: Traditional French stew, calamari, mahi, shrimp, fingerling potatoes, fennel, Rouille toast-$32

Musaka: Blue Clay Farm eggplant, prime beef, asiago, fresh harvest salad, oil and vinegar,baby carrot, bell pepper, cherry tomato-$26