dinner specials for monday

dinner specials for monday


Baba Ganoush: Manuel's Blue Clay Farm roasted eggplant, garlic, lemon, toast points-$12

Duck Wings: Five crispy duck wings, pineapple-mango-habanero dipping sauce.-$14

Chile Relleno: Manuel's Blue Clay Farm poblano peppers, stuffed with lamb, onion, herbs, roasted, smoked gouda, fresh tomato sauce-$14

Grilled pizza: sourdough heirlooms tomatos, buffalo mozz, freash bazil- $14


Pheasant and Grits: Half herb roasted pheasant, brûlée figs, quail egg, jalapeno grits, pheasant veloute-$28

Tuna: Herb de Provence crusted, fried fingerling potatoes, chive and heirloom tomato vinaigrette, Manuel's Blue Clay Farm vegetables-$30

Pork Belly Pasta: House smoked pork belly, local oyster mushrooms, black pepper fettuccine, lemon chicken broth, shaved asiago-$28

Fresh Halibut: Pan seared, basil and pink peppercorn beurre blanc, rice Manuel's Blue Clay Farm vegetables-$33

Pork Oscar: Grilled Caribbean pork chop, conch ceviche, bearnaise, fingerling potatoes,  Manuel's Blue Clay Farm vegetables-$32