Dinner Specials for Friday

Dinner Specials for Friday


Stuffed Bell Pepper: ground beef tenderloin, Blue Clay Farm herbs, onions, rice, roasted, fresh tomato sauce.-$14 

Pork and Duck Wings: Roasted Pineapple and Habanero.-$12

Game Bird Salad: Poached pheasant, house cured duck prosciutto, baby carrots, radish, fried quail egg, Dijon vinaigrette.-$13


Elk: Herb crusted, mushroom brandy sauce, mashed potatoes, Manuel’s Blue Clay Farm vegetables.-$35

Seafood Primavera: Mussels, clams, shrimp, calamari, sautéed in lemon white wine butter, Manuels Blue Clay Farm Vegetables, whole wheat penne.-$29

Lamb Denver Ribs: Smoked, Asian barbecue sauce, grain medley, Manuel’s Blue Clay Farm vegetables.-$32

Airline Chicken: Airline chicken breast, grilled, oyster mushroom and pork belly fricassee, red quinoa, Manuels Blue Clay Farm Vegetables.-$28

John Dory: Pan seared, arugula almond pesto, black rice, Manuel’s Blue Clay Farm vegetables.-$29