Dinner Specials for Thursday

Dinner Specials for Thursday


Porcini Raviolis: Crisp prosciutto with oyster mushroom brandy cream sauce.-$15 

Pork and Duck Wings: Roasted Pineapple and Habanero.-$12

Frito Misto: Butter wine Poached, clams, mussels, blue cornmeal breaded calamari & shrimp.-$20

Game Bird Salad: Poached pheasant, house cured duck prosciutto, baby carrots, radish, fried quail egg, Dijon vinaigrette.-$13


Elk: Herb crusted, mushroom brandy sauce, mashed potatoes, Manuel’s Blue Clay Farm vegetables.-$35

Blue Clay Medley: Manuel’s Blue Clay Farm vegetables, pesto cream sauce, black pepper fettuccini.-$22

Lamb Denver Ribs: Smoked , Asian barbecue sauce, grain medley, Manuel’s Blue Clay Farm vegetables.-$32

Normandy Pork Chop: Grilled, Apple cream sauce, sautéed green apples, Apple Brandy and Basmati rice.-$26

John Dory: Pan seared, arugula almond pesto, black rice, Manuel’s Blue Clay Farm vegetables.-$29