Dinner Specials for Thursday


Pheasant Salad: Quarter leg, confit and flash fried, truffle vinaigrette, carrots, walnuts, quail egg-$17

Peel and Eat Shrimp: Wild caught Gulf shrimp, steamed, roasted poblano cocktail sauce-$16

Wontons: Stuffed with S. Carolina tuna, mahi, and soy, fried,house white sauce-$13

Baba Ganoush: Manuel's Blue Clay Farm roasted eggplant, garlic,  herbs, pita bread-$12

Blue Clay Farm Peppers: Fresh harvested peppers, stuffed with prime grade beef, potatoes, onions, salsa verde, grated ricotta-$14


Elk Chop: Blueberry zinfandel sauce, red quinoa, Manuel's Blue Clay Farm vegetables-$38

Eggplant Parmesan: Farm fresh eggplant, saffron concassée tomato sauce, parmesan, fettuccine.-$25

Mahi Mahi: Pan seared, kiwi relish,Israeli cous cous, Manuel's Blue Clay Farm vegetables-$30

Bouillabaisse: Traditional French stew, calamari, mussels,mahi, shrimp, fingerling potatoes, fennel, Rouille toast-$32

Rack of Lamb: Grilled, sauteed morel mushrooms, red qinoa, Manuel's Blue Clay Farm vegetables-$35