Dinner Specials for Tuesday

Dinner Specials for Tuesday


Loaded Potato topped with sour cream

Piquante pepper and Tomato topped with creme fraiche

French Onion

Duck Confit Salad: Herb roasted duck confit over spring mix, feta, apples, pecans, cherry tomatoes, white balsamic gastrique.-$13

Pork and Duck Wings: Smoked mango ranch.-$12

Crab Cakes: spicy tartar sauce-$12

Shrimp Parfait: Blackened steamed shrimp, avocado puree, tomato gazpacho.-$14


Mahi Mahi: Grilled, roasted pork belly  tomato saffron concassee, fingerling potatoes, Manuel's Blue Clay Farm vegetables-$28

Amberjack: grilled, arugula pesto, black pearl medley, Manuels Blue Clay Farm vegetables-$27

Normandy Pork Chop: Grilled, apple cream sauce, sauteed cream sauce,apple brandy, basmati rice, Manuel's Blue Clay Farm vegetables-$26

Elk Meatballs: Angel hair, fresh tomato sauce, sweet corn, bell peppers, parmesan, fennel-$30

Game Duo: Elk chop, red wine sauce, Venison, sesame seed crusted, garlic aioli, fingerling potatoes, Manuels Blue Clay Farm vegetables-$36