Dinner Specials for Saturday


Duck Wings: tossed in a sweet molasses BBQ sauce.-$12

Pork belly: House smoked, local oyster mushroom fricassee, onion, peppers, Manuel's Blue Clay Farm fresh poached egg, toast points.-$14

Swordfish Skewers: House made cucumber salsa-$14

Gnocchi and Shrimp: Bleu cheese cream sauce-$14


Chicken Parmesan: Panko breaded, seared, house made tomato sauce, parmesan cheese,black pepper fettuccine.-$26

Normandy Pork Chop: Pan seared, mushroom apple brandy cream sauce, fingerling potatoes, Manuel’s Blue Clay Farm vegetables.-$26

Rack of Lamb: Red cherry wine sauce, Freekeh, Manuel's Blue Clay Farm vegetables.-$38

Black Drum: Pan seared, coconut broth, pineapple pepper salsa, red quinoa, Manuel's Blue Clay Farm vegetables-$28