Dinner Specials for Thursday


Mediterranean Stuffed Vegetables: Zucchini, tomato, Vidalia onion stuffed with italian sausage, parmesan, tomato pesto coulis-$10

Stuffed Prawns: Crab meat, Champagne Truffle cream sauce-$15

Baked Oysters: Six cold water Wellfleet Oysters, spinach, pork belly, parmesan cheese-$18

Pork and Duck Wings: spicy mango sauce-$8


Scallop Pasta: Black pepper fettuccine, saffron roasted red pepper cream sauce-$30

Surf and Turf: Smoked filet mignon, mushroom demi glace, Stuffed prawn, champagne truffle cream sauce, roasted fingerling potatoes, Manuel's Blue Clay Farm vegetables-$40

Crispy Airline Chicken: Parmesan herb risotto, herbed chicken jus, Manuel's Blue Clay Farm vegetables-$26

Red Snapper: Pan seared, coconut broth, pineapple pepper puree, red quinoa, Manuel's Blue Clay Farm vegetables-$28

Smoked Filet: Crispy pork belly, wild mushroom demi glace, caramelized garlic mashed potatoes, Manuel's Blue Clay Farm vegetables-$32