Dinner Specials for Thursday

Dinner Specials for Thursday


Chicken Satay: Chicken kabobs served with a spicy peanut satay sauce .-$12

Spinach and Walnut Ravioli: Bleu cheese, cream cheese sauce stuffed with spinach and walnuts.-$14

Pheasant Salad: Confit leg quarter, shaved fennel, mandarin orange, pomegranate, rose vinaigrette, rose vinaigrette-$15

Duck Wings: Deep fried, southern barbecue sauce-$12

Plats Du Jour

Golden Corvina: Pan seared, fresh herb salsa, confit lemon, quinoa, Manuel’s Blue Clay Farm vegetables.-$29

Tomahawk Pork Chop: Dry aged, rustic apple sauce, baby sweet potatoes-$36

Stuffed Chicken Pasta: chicken breast stuffed with duck prosciutto and mozzarella , over penne with a house made red sauce .-$26

Veal Chop: White balsamic soy glaze, sweet potato sage hash-$39

Elk: Double bone chop, juniper berry apple jus, stone ground grit cake, Blue Clay Farm vegetables-$38