Dinner Specials for Wednesday

Dinner Specials for Wednesday


Frito misto: tempura shrimp, asparagus, bay scallops, fresh water smelt. celery root tartar sauce and lemon wedge-$16

Grilled Pheasant: Seared leg quarter, baby carrot slaw, Blue Clay Farm bok choy, miso ginger vinaigrette-$14

Persimmon Carpaccio: Thinly shaved persimmons, lemon juiced, crumbled roquefort, spicy pecans, pomegranate truffle vinaigrette-$12

Crab and Avocado: Blue lump crab meat, avocado-tomatillo salsa, spicy creme fraiche, pine nuts, micro-greens on blood grapefruit slice-$12


Fresh Icelandic Cod: pan seared, grilled persimmons in lime butter, basmati rice and Blue Clay Farm vegetables.$29

Wild Boar Bolognese: Sweet peppers, onions, herbs, tomato sauce, capelliini pasta-$27

Surf and Turf: fresh North Carolina triggerfish, lemon basil butter, grilled elk chop, wild berry reduction, new potatoes, Blue Clay Farm vegetables.-$38

Pheasant Normandy: Half bird, grilled, shiitake mushrooms, local apples, brandy cream, mashed sweet potatoes, Manuel’s Blue Clay Farm vegetables-$30