Dinner Specials for Friday

Dinner Specials for Friday


Root Vegetable Skewers: Roasted parsnips, radish, purple carrot, celery root, golden beets, multi grain toast, assorted dipping sauces-$10

Canadian Smelt: Blue cornmeal dusted, deep fried, celery root and garlic aioli.-$15

Pork Belly: House smoked, steamed cone head cabbage, bacon tomato jus.-$14

Octopus Hush Puppies: Takoyaki sauce, bonito flakes-$14

Crab and Avocado: Blue lump crab meat, avocado-tomatillo salsa, spicy creme fraiche, pine nuts, micro-greens on blood grapefruit slice-$12


Sole: Pan seared, lemon caper butter, basmati rice, Manuel’s Blue Clay Farm vegetables-$28

Duck Breast: Joyce Farms, pan seared, apple cranberry chutney, red quinoa, Blue Clay Farm vegetables-$31

Wild Mushroom Pasta: Roasted morel, crimini, shiitake mushrooms, capellini pasta, lemon pheasant broth, asiago scallions-$24

Elk Chop: Grilled, basmati rice, sweet potato kimchi, rice wine ginger Demi Glace-$32

Pork Normandy: Pork chop, bone in, dry aged, local apples, brandy cream, mashed sweet potatoes, Blue Clay Farm vegetables-$38