Dinner Specials for Friday

Dinner Specials for Friday


Swordfish Skewers: Blackened, Blue Clay Farm jalapeno, heatless habanero, onion, sauteed sweet corn, creme fraiche-$14

Persimmon Carpaccio: Finely sliced persimmons, Roquefort Papillon blue cheese, black garlic, spicy cashews, Pomegranate tendrils, micro greens, Pomegranate truffle vinaigrette-$12

Canadian Smelt: Blue cornmeal dusted, deep fried, celery root and garlic aioli.-$15

Pork Belly: House smoked, steamed cone head cabbage, bacon and shallot vinaigrette, sweet potato straws-$15

Steak Tartar: CAB filet, cornichon, caper, shallot, dijon mustard, hot sauce, grilled bread-$12


Alaskan Cod: Grilled, house made preserve lemon gremolata, basmati rice, Manuel’s Blue Clay Farm vegetables-$28

Smoked Wild Boar: Frenched bone in chop, grilled sweet potatoes, cognac apples with local honey, Blue Clay Farm vegetables-$32

Chicken Marsala Pasta: Airline chicken breast, english peas, wild mushrooms, marsala sauce-$24

Wild Boar Shepard’s Pie: Ground all natural wild boar, garlic mashed potatoes, rich herb gravy, small Blue Clay Farm gravy-$26

Lapin a la Moutarde: Young rabbit, white wine dijon mustard sauce, basmati rice-$27

Bone in Filet: 8 oz. dry aged, fingerling potatoes, Bordelaise sauce, Manuel’s Blue Clay Farm vegetables-$36