Dinner Specials for monday

Dinner Specials for monday


Smoked Tuna Tartare: Cold smoked yellowfin, cucumber, shallot, cilantro, egg yolk, chive oil, warm naan-$14

Conch Fitters: Deep fried, apple and fennel salad, rice wine gastique.-$13

Canadian Smelt: Blue cornmeal dusted, deep fried, celery root and garlic aioli.-$15

Pork Belly: House smoked, steamed cone head cabbage, bacon and shallot vinaigrette, sweet potato straws-$15


S.C Swordfish: Grilled, cucumber pico de gallo, basmati rice, Manuel’s Blue Clay Farm vegetables-$27

Smoked Wild Boar: Frenched bone in chop, grilled sweet potatoes, caramelized apples with local honey, Blue Clay Farm vegetables-$32

Seafood Pasta: Shrimp, baby scallops, mussels, tarragon lemon cream, black pepper fettuccine, grilled asparagus.-$28

Duck breast: Panseared, Georgia peach compote,rice, blue clay farm vegetable-$32